E12 Emma Blomfield

Emma Blomfield is a successful Sydney based interior designer, author and business woman.  Today we discuss her design philosophies, approaches to client projects and how she supports other designers.  She's a juggernaut and a delight to chat with.  You'll love this episode!

E9 The Balcony Garden

Today's All About Interiors podcast episode is with Josh Harrison from The Balcony Garden who's beautiful collection of handcrafted pots will perfectly compliment the architecture and design of any home!

Mural Artist, Sally Mcewan

Sally is a talented mural artist.  She's also beaten the odds through her recovery from an horrific surfing accident.  She was supposed to be living as a quadriplegic.  Instead she's back being a mum, painting murals and inspiring others.  This is a story you can't miss!

First Avenue Design

Are you looking for a designer but don't know where to start?  Today I speak to Barb Hamilton from First Avenue Design about her concierge service to solve this dilemma!

E11 Reno red tape 

If you're planning a renovation that requires a DA, you really should listen to this episode!  I have an indepth chat with Robyn Hawke from Inspired Spaces about all the red-tape steps involved in doing a big reno and the indicative costs for each (tip: it can get up to over $10K!).  We've also put together a checklist for you to print off.

Decluttering during


It's been a weird and unique time, this Covid19, but there's always a silver lining.  Mine is having the time to declutter my entire home!  Here are 8 decluttering tips to help you organise your home (and head!) now!

Closely Knit

Do you love beautifully textured homewares in gorgeous colours and great quality?  Then you are going to love this episode with Nicole Wilmot from Closely Knit!  Learn about unspun wool, and cactus silk (yep, it's new to me too!) and how to style a layered bed!

Designer Rugs

Did you know Designer Rugs do custom carpet too?  Yep, they do! In this episode I chat with the delightful Shaun Russel about their carpet range!

E10 Turner Hastings

I chat with Jordan Wallace of Turner Hastings about their seriously beautiful Hamptons style bathroom and kitchen tapware and ceramics.  In particular I learnt a lot about their fireclay butlers sinks and and now a total fan! Did you know they're heat, chip and stain reisistant? AND even if they are damaged, they  can be repaired! Amazing!

Feng shui with Karen Kertesz

Karen Kertesz has a fresh and fun approach to incorporating great feng shui principals into your own home which you can't resist.  In this episode, she gives us great tips and explains the 'why' behind why it works!

Woodcut Flooring

Woodcut provide a high quality engineered European oak flooring product that has its finger on the design pulse!  Want a timber floor that  will look divine and stand the test of time?  look no further!

Blakes of Sydney

Ever heard of a Renovation Broker??  Yep, it's a thing, and if you're renovating, they're about to become your new BFF!  Want to know more? Yeah, ya do!


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