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Feng shui with Karen kertesz

Karen Kertesz from Emerald Space is a Sydney based feng shui practitioner.  She can help you improve the chi in your home with practical and easily implemented steps and explain the 'why' in an informative and fun way. 


On top of that she has written a book "Win Back Your Time" which I'm pretty sure most of us could do with!

In episode 7 of All About Interiors, I speak with Karen Kertesz from Emerald Space about why feng shui is important to consider for your home and how implementation of better practice can have a domino effect, improving many areas of our lives.  For eg, you may introduce steps to improve the chi in your kitchen and this could lead to achieving a better diet AND also lead to increased bank savings!  The possibilities can be unpredictable and delightful!

Karen gives us some great tips that can be easily actioned straight away and she's able to explain how and why it works in such an informative and entertaining way, I've decided we need to do a follow up episode down the track!

To learn more about Karen's services, please click here.

Special offer:  Free copy of "Win Back Your Time" when you book a Home visit AND receive 10% off that consultation fee!  Promo code SARTORIAL

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