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the process

We love transforming entire houses for clients! 


It helps with the flow and continuity of design throughout a home and minimises potential issues from renovating in phases. It is also saves money and disruption to those within your household and those next door. 


But we’re nothing if not flexible, so here’s what we can do as smaller projects.



Design, layout, materials, PC items and more

2022 Maroubra_0001_Layer 2 tw.jpg
Naremburn_0000_main bathroom 2_edited.jpg


Design, layout, materials, PC items and more

Master Suite , Rozelle(Sartorial)_port_0000__MG_9787 lo_edited.jpg
Naremburn - custom rug and buffet_edited


Bedrooms, living rooms, joinery, lighting, window treatments, artworks and more

2022 Maroubra_0005_Layer 6 tw.jpg
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