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During Covid19

This weird Covid19 era does have some silver linings and for me, one of them is decluttering my entire house.  Here are 8 Covid19 decluttering tips to help you prepare your house (and head!) for a post Corona life!

Decluttering Covid19 is one of the upsides to this unprecedented global life-on-hold pandemic.  I'm still in disbelief that this is actually happening: I mean, the whole world has had to put life on hold including our education, economy & everything but what is essential to surviving!  It really is incredible.

But, I've used this time constructively by decluttering the absolute heck out of my house (and it totally needed it!).  I truly believe this will benefit me greatly for post-Covid life as I'll be able to focus on the external things rather than be bogged down in physical & psychological clutter. 

So, here are my 8 observations & tips for your own Covid19 declutter sesh:

1) our needs change over time, which is why regular decluttering is a must.  Don't stress out too much if you can't make a decision on an item this time as it might be much easier to do so next time

2) don't declutter under pressure if at all possible.  This can lead to rushed decisions and regret

3) put expiry dates on things so that if in 6-12 months down the track you haven't used that item (or thought about it), then you can probably just let it go

4) try to find alternative ways of using things that require less storage.  For eg, books and movies on ipad, hiring formal clothes etc

5) teach your kids how to declutter.  It's a fantastic life long skill and something they'll thank you for later

6) find your decluttering style.  There's no one style fits all.  Try something, and if it doesn't work for you, simply try the next.  Whatever you do, DON'T give up!

7)  have a (non-judgey) decluttering buddy.  Sometimes that person at arms length can really help clarify the decisions

8) shop smarter.  Buy fewer better quality items.  Know where you'll store things before you buy them.  Also think about the exit strategy for the item once it can no longer serve you.

For Sydney folk looking for a decluttering service, head over to our sister business, Decluttering Queen

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