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Rugs's not just rugs!!

Imagine if you could design your own carpet!  Well, of course you can!  Designer Rugs has a wonderful selection of designs inspired by menswear that you can tweak by changing the colours to suit your scheme.

Once you've signed off on the design, it's about 8 weeks to install, which is a great lead time for something custom and so beautiful.

Of course you can also come up with your own design but you do need to order a minimum quantity.


Handknotted - where every knot is done by hand.  Turn it over and the design will look the same as on the front.

Hand tufted - design is traced onto the back of the rug and then tufted with a gun sort of colour by numbers.  Mainly used for commercial.  Is usually quicker and cheaper to make than knotted.

For more info about these carpets, click here

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