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Blakes of Sydney

It's like having a renovation BFF!! 

Finding a great builder is one of life's big challenges.  No, that is no exaggeration!  You want someone who won't rip you off, who's work is sound & someone who also has your back ensuring that it will look great at the end.  Getting that combo is the main aim.

So what if I told you that there's someone who will tender out your project to tried-and-tested builders, watching out for any overpricing, and holding your hand throughout the entire process helping with any questions and issues that arise?  You'd be pretty impressed, no?


Well Blake Riley from Blake's of Sydney is your new BFF! As soon as you meet him, you feel like your precious home is in safe hands.  He is the renovation sherpa, guru, guide.   He is your man (at least, if you're in Sydney)!

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