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Mural artist

Sally McEwan had a lot of strings to her bow, from teaching Zumba to being a 'firey' and from rescuing animals to being a research scientist.  But it was the art that she couldn't outrun!  Over the last few years, she'd become a mural artist of note but that could have all come to a screeching halt in December 2018 when she broke her neck in a surfing accident.  Her story  of recovery is nothing short of inspiring!  

In December 2018 Sally McEwan had a catastrophic surfing accident when she miscalculated a wave and broke her neck.

She was told she would be a quadriplegic for life.  That she wouldn't be able to look after her kids.  That she'd never paint again.

Today Sally is back at work, back at home and back painting murals (she described our recent mural as "rehab in a paint tin"!).  Her story is one of hope, humility and humour.  You can't help but love this strong kind woman.  I'm sure you will find her story incredibly touching.

Sally has offered listeners to a special offer:  a pastel portrait of your pet for $250.  Promo code SARTORIAL.  To take up this offer - or just to reach out to Sally - visit her Facebook page

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