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3 Feng Shui tips for your living room!

Guest post by Karen Kertesz of Emerald Space

For thousands of years, some of the successes in Chinese culture have been credited to the use of feng shui in daily life. 

As we spoke about recently in our podcast episode, it can be applied in home, love, business and many other facets of how a person lives their life. The foundation of feng shui is to have positive ‘chi,’ or life force, flowing through the rooms and passages of your home. 

Create a clutter free, welcoming living room to improve the chi

When feng shui concepts are applied, chi is able to filter through each space, leaving its life-giving essence as it goes, allowing you and your family to thrive! A new or old plant, broken vase, clutter or even void spaces can make all the difference to a healthy room chi! Introducing feng shui to a room is easy and doesn’t take long to do.

So if enhancing chi sounds like your cup of tea, let's just start with one key space - the living room. Other than perhaps the kitchen, the living room is a fundamental room for social activity. A welcoming and comfortable lounge room will draw family members into the area and your family will feel valued and enjoy a space that really shows that you care.

Make it a priority today to make the following changes:

  • Create zones for each member of the family in the living area - Zones give each member ownership and energetically says “you belong here!”

  • Include recent happy family pictures and well loved items that your family enjoy using - Happy photographs reflect back to everyone, reminding them of good times and good vibes!

  • Avoid having a solitary lounge chair unless it particularly suits your family. Connectedness is what you want to reflect in this room

For a shared living room, the key may be in functional organization, and casual comfort. Disorganized belongings and a multi-use room can cause chi to be scattered in this area.

If you have any items that you feel don’t belong in the living room anymore, have a think carefully if they still bring function or joy to you. 

It may be that they no longer serve a purpose to you, so before you put them in the back room to think about another day, this is a great opportunity to consider gifting it to a friend or family who may have a greater need for it. This also gives that item a new lease on life and the ability to give new energy to someone else. If anything is broken or damaged, either fix it if you can or dispose of it responsibly.

When you are finished, look back into your living room and pick an area where you can introduce a plant. It doesn’t matter if it's real or artificial, as long as it brightens the area and makes you feel happy! This will enhance the look and feel of the room even more.

Remember, small actions can work just as well as larger ones when working with the energy world, and these are just three little things that you can do right away to improve the chi in your living room to help enhance the energy in your home. Trust me, you will notice a BIG difference.

For more tips and tricks on feng shui, in the home and other parts of life, be sure to follow this blog or you are always welcome to contact me directly for a consult for feng shui solutions that can be individually tailored to suit your lifestyle.

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