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Easter styling tip time!

How is it Easter already?!?

A colourful easter egg wreath

Well, it's hard to believe, but Easter is upon us, people! And with that comes the realisation (for some of us) that we need to jazz up chez nous!

I'm definitely all for easy ways to inject a seasonal twist to my permanent exhibitions (!), so I focus on three main areas of the home (and they're all in the public areas): the front door, the entry, and the dining table.

Front door

The main item here is the wreath on the front door.

Easter styled front door with rabbit and wreath
Front door Easter styling via

These days there are plenty of ready-made Easter wreaths to buy and ditto for 'how-to' videos teaching you the arts of DIYing your own. I'm for whatever floats your boat. We're all busy, and if ready-made gets it done, then (in the words of Nike), just do it.

Additional items to up your styling game include baskets or pots of flowering plants (and being a repeat plant-killer offender, faux is good for this too) and a rabbit (or two) of some description. Maybe even change the welcome mat (for extra points!).

You don't have to go crazy on the number of items. You can add colour through flowers and keep the rest neutral. That way you can re-use the seasonal items in a way that looks new every year.

I'm also into recycling and not buying things for the sake of buying things. Also, the more stuff you have, the more you have to store!! So, I'd rather invest in better quality decorative items that will last for years and that I can dress up or down as my feels dictate.

The foyer

Again this is a very public part of your house and it's where you welcome your guests into your castle. If you have a console table, then this is the best place to do your styling.

Again, this doesn't have to be complex or over the top. In fact, I think a softer approach is often more powerful anyway. Adding a couple of typical Easter items such as a rabbit and a bowl of eggs next to some flowers or blossom branches says everything is a really elegant way.

My approach here is usually less is so much more.

Table scaping

(Yes, that is a word for all the Wordle folk out there).

This is probably my weakest spot. I do love Easter themed napery. Nothing cuter than rabbits on serviettes and table runners! Love a good floral tablecloth too. But you don't have to actually have Easter printed items. You can style your existing napkins in a way that looks like rabbit's you get the effect without the $ outlay. Some might say, 'Bingo' to that!

For the centerpiece I like to add Easter eggs in amongst the flowers (or hanging off branches). I add a couple of small rabbits to the table too. Again, not too much overboard, but enough to be sweet and set the happy holiday tone (as long as you remember to avoid politics and religion once the wine has started flowing).

This is quite a rabbit warren (see what I did there??) once you start exploring Easter styling tips and ideas on Pinterest, but it's quite a pleasant way to lose a hour or so out of your day (especially if the alternative is some unpleasant paperwork option).

So, that wraps up my Easter styling advice for the year. Hope you appreciate the effort (lol). But seriously, it's a fun, joyous time of the year, so adding a few little touches throughout the house gives it a lovely lift. It's also a great reminder that there's a long weekend a'coming and what's not to love about that? Ama-right?

Happy Easter to you all. Fingers crossed for fine weather, no double demerits and a relaxing break with loved ones


Oh. I've put together a fab Pinterest Board if you want more Easter inpo! Click here for the magic!

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