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Product review: Carpet perfume

(Yep - it's a thing!)

A tub of carpet perfume with a vase of pink flowers

So, I think this is my first official product review, but recently I've been thinking that I come across some amazing products in my travels, and it might be useful to you if I were to share them.

It all began during one late night scrolling some weeks ago, when I stumbled across this …  thing. This revelation. And I felt I really had to share it with you!   


I mean, I'd never even thought about it apart from sprinkling some bi carb around every few weeks, but as soon as I saw this, I was in.  Whatever it cost.  I just had to trial it.  It sounded almost too good to be true. A carpet perfume powder with rather tempting fragrances such as “Alice in Wonderland”, “Domestic Goddess” (I mean, look no further, right??) and “Kentucky Cowgirl”.


I chose “Moonlight Storm” which is a mix of blueberries, vanilla, coconut and brown sugar and love it!  Yes, it is quite sweet but it's also really fresh and the whole family loves it (even hubbie!). The fragrance is quite strong and if you use too much it can be a little over paowering.


The way I use it is to put a couple of tablespoons in a tea strainer and sprinkle it around the rugs and carpet the night before it all gets vacuumed.  I mean it takes literally 3 - 5 minutes and it gives such a fabulous lift to the whole house!


Even if you only used it when guests were coming over, it's such a no brainer!


You can get it from Maple and Wattle and a 500g tub costs $14.95.


Pro tip - In hallways, I tend to sprinkle it closer to the walls as there seems to be residue (unseen) that gets missed by the vacuum and the fragrance seems to hang around even longer.


Note - I don't get any commissions or gifts from promoting this, it's just a product I've come across and really like.

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