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Where to start when choosing kitchen appliances!

A starting point

When it comes to choosing kitchen appliances, this can be a very subjective process. So, it’s best not to make any rash decisions and, if possible, begin the process early. Two factors that are important to consider before moving forward are (1) the space that you have available and (2) the needs of your household.

Once you are clear on what these are, you can then begin to think about the rest. Starting with, of course, your budget. Be sure to do your research about pricing. This will allow you to get the best quality – and value - for your budget (even if you have to stretch a little).

Request a demo

A great starting point when choosing the right appliances for you is to go out and see demonstrations first hand – especially cooktops and ovens. This will hopefully allow you to feel more confident in your decision making process and give you an idea of the specifications that are available. I often send my clients to Harvey Norman showrooms as they have cooking demonstrations most Saturdays across a range of brands. If you haven’t renovated for a while, you’ll be impressed with how far along technology has come and it will feel like you’re really starting from scratch!


For example, when it comes to cooktops and ovens do you want gas or electric, and if you choose electric, will you go for induction? 60mm wide or 90mm wide? One or two ovens? Full steam or partial steam or combination steam and micro? Regarding width – will you go standard or wide? Will you want a plate warming drawer? Who knew there was so much to consider, right?!

That’s why research and planning are so important at this early stage of the renovation process. You might feel like you need more time to decide once you see all the options available!

The fridge

Similarly, the fridge is another fundamental appliance within the kitchen that will need some consideration. Will you have the freezer on the bottom or the side? Do you need it plumbed for a water dispenser? Ice dispenser or not? Additional fridge for entertaining? And if so, a full wine fridge or under bench bar fridge?

Again, lots to consider!

Appearance is another important factor to deliberate. Bearing in mind that range hoods need to be suitable for the cooktop (i.e. induction causes more steam so a strong exhaust will be needed). Understanding this prior will allow you to decide whether you will build this into the joinery or choose one to be seen such as the Quasair cylinder range hoods that are not only very much in vogue but probably the best looking ones on the market.

Similar consideration is needed for the dishwasher and fridge. Will you integrate these with the joinery or have these as they are? It’s certainly better to know these things ahead of time. AND it’s best to find out what the lead times are for the appliances you choose as this alone might knock it out of contention!

And the small appliances too!

When it comes to small appliances - microwave, kettle, toaster, blender, juicer, coffee machine – which ones do you need? There are some really beautiful designs out there, so be sure to have fun when choosing these. Perhaps the most eye catching ones are those designed by Dolce & Gabbana for Smeg!

Here’s a great place to start researching the brands and appliances for your home

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