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Becoming Australia's Kit Kemp - part 2 the Balmain project!

So not long after getting the Balgowlah project, I landed another Kit Kemp inspired project in Balmain (the universe kept delivering!). The client had the cutest toddler on the planet and was expecting another bub, so she and her husband wanted to get the bedrooms all done and dusted before the big event!

She showed me an image of wallpaper that had caught her eye and it was by Kiki Slaughter, so I was on board there and then. She also had Kit Kemp's book (me too!) and loved the cloud wallpaper by Fornasetti (me too!!) so I took it and ran with it.

For the toddler's room, I wanted to add one of those adorable house beds and paint it a colour that would work perfectly. We decided to use the Kiki Slaughter grafitti paper for the toddler too so I paired it up with a paint colour by Resene called Opal and a curtain fabric in a very similar hue. I wanted the wallpaper to be the hero but I wanted the rest of the room to support that main act. Because the wallpaper was going to cost some coin, to balance that, we went with entry level fabric (cost wise) from Zepel.

Because my client didn't know the sex of the baby, we went with a gender neutral colour of deep teal for the nursery - Resene's Hydroponic - and added a 2m tall yellow flower decal. In this room, the dip dyed curtain fabric by Casamance was the main investment, so the decal added punch without a huge outlay.

For the master bedroom, we went counter intuitive by going dark walls in a room that doesn't get much natural light. But to ensure there was enough artificial light, I added a six bulb (gorgeous) sculptural pendant and lamps. I picked up on the charcoal of the wallpaper and wrapped the rest of the room in it. The colour clashes for this room were rich purples and teal - teal for the rug and bedsides and purple for the trow and cushions.

The result (apart from a happy client) is a knock out collection of bedrooms - each completely unique and so very interesting.

Master bedroom featuring Fornasetti's cloud paper

Balmain - teal nursery with yellow flower

Balmain toddler's room featuring Kiki Slaughter's graffiti wallpaper

For more before and after shots of this project and others, please visit here

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