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Who's loving the on-trend earthy tones?

I don't know about you but I am absolutely LOVING all the gorgeous earthy tones around at the moment. So soft and calling to mind the beauty of Australian deserts. I'm a huge fan! If you pop onto any major company's website, they're bound to have something fitting within this parameter whether it's paint colours, sofas or rugs - I'm seeing it everywhere.

I wonder if it's a reaction to all the negative headlines we've been seeing all year about climate change, Covid and political upheavals everywhere (or so it seems). That need to simplify life and get back to nature and the things that really do matter. And I'm thinking the desert is like an extreme version of getting back to nature. I mean what's in a desert anyway? Very few people, that's what. Maybe we're all subconsciously sick to death of cities and the aggro you experience almost on a daily basis in heavily populated areas (I know I am!). Road rage, noisy neighbours, constant traffic, everyone and their assumptions of entitlement and the incredible expenses of living in a big city with tolls, parking fees, expensive cafes, etc etc. Living in a busy city is anything but simple. Maybe we want to get as far away and possible but because in reality we can't, we compromise by bringing these desert colours and soft shapes into our homes, and create our refuges.

And that's the other thing I've noticed coming through all the supplier newsletters and trend alerts: curves EVERYWHERE!!!! On sofas, coffee tables, rugs, doorways, mirrors, bedheads. I mean absolutely everywhere! Remember the arched doorways of the 90s homes? Well, we're now advising clients to NOT square them off....that the trend has come back around and you can save yourself the cost of altering it. It only took about 30 years, but goes to show all things are cyclical AND not that original. Which is totally ok by me, I'm pretty philosophical about these things.

If you're struggling how to achieve this look, here are some tips:

* think of colours you'd see in the outback desert. Not just the red earth and rocks but the salty blue of the evening sky and the parched thistles of the salt bush

* velvets and linens and other natural fabrics work well in this 'look'

* curved and comforting furniture - think of sofas that envelope you and keep you safe. There a few hard edges (unlike life atm!)

* other natural materials such as terrazzo, warm toned marbles, and rattans are very popular

* fine lines and hints of black - such as legs on buffets - add a little depth but don't go too heavy

* think about how things feel to the touch. Keep things inviting and soft or smooth. We're looking for a feeling of safety so nothing that jars or is sharp

I've also noticed Australiana sheets themed bedding and other linen. Some companies such as Kip & Co and Adairs have commissioned Aboriginal artists to design patterns for their products and these absolutely encapsulate the trend that we're seeing here in Australia. We're finally not only acknowledging indigenous art but we're proud as punch of the beautiful forms and colours incorporated into their creations and of generally being Aussies! And quite frankly, that's a bloody good thing!

Catch yas all later ;-)

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