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Looking for tile inspo?

Great....look no further! Here are a baker's dozen of fantastic tiling ideas to help you with your project!

With every project, one gets more confident and ready for greater challenges and outcomes! Choosing what and how to tile well AND in a unique way is like the Holy Grail. Or maybe that's just me!

So I have a project on at the moment where the theme is quite French! And not too much colour (although, there needs to be some for that ever addictive wow). So, for the bathroom, I wanted to go very classic and marble-y. But I also wanted to make sure it looks like a luxe finish AND just different enough to have some personality. And in my travels, I came across these 13 awesome ideas for tiling and here I am sharing them with you because they are THAT good!

1: Pencil tiles

OK - so, I'm starting with one of my own projects, but that's because I think it looks fantastic. And it's not just me! It's one of my most frequently pinned pins, so I must've been onto something!

Use pencil tiles as a feature by creating shapes or highlighting the lines in a space. Here we went with a bit of a Deco feel in classic black and white. We had a fairly modest budget so the subways and floor tiles were pretty inexpensive which allowed us to buy these pencil tiles to create a feature. Of course, the tiler was unimpressed at first but (as usual) loved the result ('can a take a photo for my website?').

2: Drop dead gorgeous niche

Source: Nest Design Co (via San Francisco Decorator Showhouse)

I'm pretty confident niches are here to stay. I'm not such a big fan of a contrast tile within the niche because I don't think it's the right feature to make a hero. But we still want it to look lovely! So, giving it a beautiful border and stone shelf is a perfect solution

3: Paneling - but with tiles!

Source At Home in Arkansas Magazine

I LOVE this! Like crazy love! Timeless and so elegant yet also completely so now! This will take some working out with the various tile sizes, but so worth it. And you could do contrast colours (navy base tile with white half round for eg).

4: Subway but in a different pattern


I also think subways are here to stay. They're quite timeless, but to be honest, when they're in the brick or stacked pattern, a little bit 'safe'. Here's a great alternative option. Just think of tiles as lego pieces and think of the different patterns you can make with them - this image is just of one example. Again, the tiler will initially hate you, but the effect is so calming and beautiful, it'll be so worth it.

5: Mirror tile as a feature

Source Jenwood (of Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia House)

If you like to up the glamour stakes, then this could be for you. I does make an amazing feature with that beautiful bath in front. It would really depend on the layout and how you could do this.

6: Mosaic

Source Bisazza Australia

Go big or go home, as they say. If you're after drama and something very unique, this is a great option (albeit an expensive one).

7: One tile to rule the walls(!)

Source Ricco Style Interior Design

I think we've become so used to seeing a feature tile wall, that when you see a bathroom where all the walls have the same tile, it sounds like a fresh idea (except that it isn't, but who cares). Pick a tile you love and commit!

8: Shaped tiles


So we've seen the fish scale tiles for a while and I still love them. But there are now more and more interesting shapes coming out - and I mean like 3D geometric shapes. It's certainly something to consider but needs careful consideration to make sure it works amazingly!

9: Edging

Source ABI Interiors

I saw this and thought it a perfect solution for how to edge the tile and still look luxe. The gold is a lovely splash and a bit of a surprise. And I love that it draws the eye along the space. Elegant and clever!

10: Same same but different

Source Otto Tiles & Design

Why can't we just do colour blocks or stripes with tiles?!? I think it's a fresh idea that can be executed with great effect!

11: Borders

Source Decholic

I'm a bit of a border gal, so I'm loving this. This is quite a classic style but it can be tweaked for a modern look very easily.

12: Playing with shapes


I love what they've done with this herringbone pattern. By adding in the black along the top, you end up with an exquisite graphic wall border

13: Pushing the limits

Source Normless Architecture Studio

I'm not sure I'd ever do this but I quite loved the play between materials and shapes. It could be a good solution for open plan kitchen/dining/living spaces if you want tile in the kitchen but timber everywhere else.

That's it folks. Food for thought. Take these ideas and tweak them or use them as a basis to start researching other options. I'd love to see what amazing tiling creative spaces you design, so don't be shy and share your work!

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