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A bit about me....

If you'd asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to do when I grew up, the answer would've been 'a vet'! I didn't even know interior design was a thing, let a lone a possible career path and yet everything I've done lead inexorably to right here where I am now!

I've never been one to go the straight and easy path to a destination! My first child was born 10 weeks early, my first marriage was a (brief but spectacular) catastrophe and my first forays into the decoration and design world were somewhat clumsy and bumpy. But now I can say that my son is blossoming in high school, my current marriage is fantastic and my business has grown and is thriving. Isn't life a weird thing!

My business came about because I'd been made redundant from my corporate gig during the GFC! I thought I was returning from maternity leave so it was a shock to hear that in fact it was all over, red rover. I was absolutely terrified but my husband had faith in my strength around colour and helped me set up a colour consultancy. I'd never run a business before and I still had a baby to look after, but I did extra study, took on part time work to gain experience and kept building my business one figurative brick at a time.

The thing is, was and always will be that I LOVE homes! I love colour and I love helping people transform their homes into places they absolutely love because it reflects their unique tastes, aspirations and lifestyle. This absolute passion is the drive behind the whole business. That and sheer bloody mindedness! I've never given up even at times when things were difficult. Every challenge has been a learning curve.

My creativity was - I believe - genetic. My Gran used to do beautiful leatherwork and china painting and my mum had the Midas touch in that she could do anything creative and make it look amazing. From cake decorating, to sewing, flower arranging and decorating our home, she was magnificent. As a kid, I absorbed this and experimented with my own creations.

As an adult, I finally took life drawing classes and was hooked. I studied Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie Uni and did a certificate in interior design. This was all before I ever considered running a design business, which makes me wonder at how life panned out (all rather magically).

Running a business is hard - especially in this industry and in a smallish market. Most businesses fail within two years generally so to still be at it (and growing) over a decade later is something I'm proud of. I've made some incredible friendships along the way which has been such a lovely and unexpected bonus. And now my ten year old daughter is talking about joining the business, so that's just amazing.

Some of the things that drive me is a curiosity about design and the love of beautiful products. I feel like I'm always learning. I love that. I also love gently pushing people's comfort zones to do things that are a bit bolder than they would've done otherwise. It's a privilege to work with a client and their family in their home - their castle - something I never take for granted.

So, while I still love animals, I realise I could never have become a vet - I can't stand blood and guts and poo and spew and all the yucky bits inherently part of that role. I can't believe how life put me on the path I should've always been on. To say I'm an interior design is something I'm definitely proud of. I'm incredibly grateful and so excited about all the homes I'll be working on and the families I can help going forward! I hope you'll stay tuned for more transformations and perhaps I can even help you with yours!

Some other interesting and not-related-to-design things about me are that I:

* did flamenco dancing for ten years

* studied Russian both in Sydney and St Petersburg as part of my degree

* am both allergic to bees and absolutely fascinated by them

* love love love colour, pattern and shapes found in beautiful products and homes

* have a boy and a girl - both of whom are healthy, cute and very sporty. They're funny and I absolutely love my time with them

* am always creating (even outside my work) - whether it's drawing, doing photography or writing

* used to shoot a pistol at a club. It was so much fun!

* grew up in country NSW and my heart still belongs there

* have a motor bike license!

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