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5 Steps to achieve a Hampton's Home!

The Hampton's style for homes is still going strong, and there are some simple no-fail steps you can take to hit the look perfectly

If you’re as obsessed with Pinterest as I am, you’ll have noticed the rising trend in people aspiring to achieve a Hamptons Home interior. Think classic, sophisticated design woven with elegant, coastal vibes. The look is all about laidback luxury, clean lines, light, bright, airy spaces and natural materials. Whilst appearing somewhat effortless, there’s a lot more that goes into achieving this look than first meets the eye.

Follow these five simple steps to help transform your home into a Hamptons inspired sanctuary.

1. Colour Palette

The Hamptons look is synonymous with whites, blues, greens and soft greys. Think of white as being the ‘hero’ – helping to create the feeling of peace and relaxation.

Accent colours are ultimately where the Hamptons style begins to shine through. Think about the kind of colours you would see at the beach to help create a sense of warmth and serenity.

2. Benchtops and Splashbacks

A tile or marble benchtop and/or splashback will work whether you’re going for a classic or modern feel. Avoid glass or stainless steel as it’s too glossy and cold for the warmth of the Hamptons style. If you are using marble, Calcutta or Carrara marble is optimal. White subway splashbacks and shaker front doors will also help to complete the Hamptons look.

3. Timeless Silhouettes

Timeless silhouettes such as a fireclay butler sink can make an outstanding finishing touch to your kitchen and bathroom. The tapware will look best in a traditional style; preferably a classic silhouette with a chrome or brushed nickel finish.

4. Natural Materials

It’s important to include furniture and decor in natural materials and textures. Organic materials such as rattan, wicker and timber work great for furniture. Natural materials such as linen, cotton and sisal are perfect for drapery and soft furnishings.

5. Natural Lighting

The more natural light, the better! Exposed windows or sheer cotton drapes work best. Basket or woven lights help to bring some more natural texture into the space. While metal fixtures in black or steel can also help to create a beautiful contrast to the softer colour palette.

Keeping the above tips in mind will have you well on your way to creating a beautiful, luxurious Hamptons home.

And, if you need help achieving this look, you know who to call ;-)

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