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2022…what the hell happened?

After an interesting couple of Covid years, which were also super busy with lots of great projects, I did enter ‘22 thinking it was going to get back to ’normal'. I thought supply chains would be back to pre-Covid lead times and availability, I thought enquiries would drop off a little with more people able to travel and on a personal front, I expected relatively smooth sailing. Well, lucky I didn't put money on any of that, because I would've lost all bets. Projects became incredibly delayed. Supplies were haphazard with some etas completely blown out and trades were more scarce than hens' teeth. Time stretched in an even weirder way than during the pandemic, with things happening in the ‘fullness of time’. There was so little control about so much. Things felt constantly suspended. But blessedly, people were so incredibly understanding and patient despite the frustrations we were all feeling and for that, I am so thankful. In my personal life, and as some of you already know, I lost my precious Dad. I adored him and we loved each other's company - long tales and lots of laughs were enjoyed whether over the phone, in person or via emails and SMS's. The enormousness of his loss is slowly dawning on me after the initial shock and crisis around his stroke. In recent weeks I have struggled with sleep and crushing bouts of anxiety and while I know I will get through it, I also know it will take time. Here and now, I'm dreading this Christmas without him. But I have kids, so I just have to get through it as best I can. I was really touched by all the kind messages of support during those bloody awful few weeks and for the gentleness of people since. It has certainly lightened my load when at times it has felt insurmountable. I'm so very grateful for that grace and space. What next? Well, to start with, a big fat break. I'm taking off the 19 Dec - 27 Jan ‘23 (back in the office from the 30th Jan). I’m taking this time to heal and enjoy what's most precious to me… family. I've also got out of good social habits from before Covid and I'm looking forward to remedying that with some long languid lunches with friends. I'm also wanting to explore some creative projects because this is what lights me and drives me for my work. I'll also be reflecting on my business goals - reviewing them and setting new ones. There'll be some re-positioning and clarification around quite a few areas. I have one project in particular - a new side of my business - that I had started to work on before Dad became unwell and that is a priority for the new year. I want to come back in '23 clear, pumped and raring to go! There are already a few lovely client projects in the pipeline which will be great to get into after a restorative break. So, stay tuned for some great photos coming through from February! So, friend, you are precisely why I am so committed to the work that I do. Helping you realise your dream home is a wonderful privilege that I never take lightly. I enjoy each milestone right alongside you….watching homes transform and evolve is thrilling and I'm so lucky I get to do this with and for you! Have a happy Christmas, Hanukah, or whatever else works for you! May you have a peaceful holiday season. May 2023 be gentle with you. May you enjoy good health. May you create beautiful memories to last a lifetime. I wish you only - and all - the good things. Until 2023! Warmly, Monique

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