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Hello, behave!

Well, after the wild ride that was 2021, I've had a long and recuperative break and am back, ready to launch into a new year. After all the frustrations of yet another Covid affected year in 2021, I really did think in the days leading up to Christmas, that the worst of it all was behind us and that '22 would be alot more 'normal'.

How wrong could I be?

Already the Covid case numbers are astronomical - so much worse than anything we've yet experienced - and with it comes interruption to projects as trades can't go on site or clients can't meet. Supply lines will continue to be stretched and will often hit breaking point which in turn will again affect projects. This year - or at least the start of it - will require even more patience from everyone than we needed last year. And as I think we're all heartily sick of this roller coaster, I'm noticing either a dark sense of humour coming through communiques or a blasé approach to everything seeping in. It's more of a shrug and feelings of empathy, but a soldiering on as best as we can nevertheless.

While my business has had two amazing years (and this year is shaping up well too) I've had to review the way I do things and the projects I take on to limit burn out and free up weekends from the desperate need to hit deadlines. I have seven projects on already so the need to be efficient and organised feels really heightened right now and thanks to a decent holiday I feel excited to have these on and look forward to them evolving. I'm always striving to do better, improve processes and constantly learn and I feel like there've been big strides in this space over the last few weeks, which in turn makes me feel ready!

So, some changes I'll be bringing in regards to the scope of projects and the number on at once. I'm not really open to single room projects, bitsy projects or projects under certain budget thresholds any more - they no longer excite me or benefit my business. The amount of work in a small project can sometimes use as much time and energy as larger ones but without great 'after' shots or income. In the past - as I grew my business and learnt - smaller projects were right and both client and I could benefit. I love love love what I do, but I've got the bit in the mouth for more meaty things and don't feel I can give smaller projects the focus and thrill I have in the past.

In any event, for now I won't be taking on any more projects til about April. That's such an amazing thing to say and I'm both proud and grateful of where my business has got to in order to be able to say that! I've been turning down projects which has been both terrifying and liberating because I don't feel they're the right fit or because my books are full. It shows that my business has hit a new and more mature level to be in this position and quite frankly, I've bloody earned it!

To put it simply - I need three things out of each project: amazing before and after shots, income and 5 star reviews. I can only do that if I offer exceptional value for money, clients that love the results and a team of professionals that deliver. And that is why I need to take on only certain projects. Never before has win-win meant more. Happy clients AND happy me.....that's the goal.

So, here we are. Braced for another interesting year. May it bring wonderous things and strength to get through patches of crap as they happen.


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